artistic interventions, book presentation and discussion

Saturday, 23. 11. 2019

Kino Šiška, from 5 to 8 pm

Artistic interventions:

Concept and artistic direction: Darko Dragičević
Co-creation and execution (Mestna gverila Beograd): Dragana Krtinić
Co-creation and execution (artists from Slovenia): Nina Meško, Radharani Pernarčič, Ajda Tomazin, Katja Legin, Mateja Bučar, Maja Kalafatič
Failure as Practice is a project by Goethe Institute Serbia in collaboration with Mestna Gverila and platform Next Generation
Artistic direction: Darko Dragičević
Project leader: Frank Baumann, Goethe Institute Belgrade
Project leader: Zorica Milisavljević, Goethe Institute Belgrade
Co-production: Tanzfabrik Berlin
Detailed concept is presented here. 



FAILURE as Practice

Editor: Darko Dragičević
Translation and proofreading: Nenad Tomović
Translation from German: Jocelyn Polen
Belgrade: Goethe Institute 2019


Book presentation and a discussion with the creators:

Discussion participants: Darko Dragičević, Dragana Krtinić, Nina Meško, Katja Legin, Radharani Pernarčič
Host: Jasmina Založnik
Discussion will be in English or Serbian language with translation if needed.


Darko Dragičević conceived artist’s book FAILURE as Practice as a documentary and catalogue work of the project with the same title. It contains texts and theoretical discussions by artists and internationally established theoreticians. It is a product of common powers of a collective that sheds some light on own personal and professional experiences in the field of visual art, design, photography, architecture, literature, performing arts and art history. Its intent is to create a dialogue on the failure, offer possible solutions and frame the ideas for future creation and also personal growth.

Author and co-creators will present the context of the project, the logic of its procedures, results and its future development. Creators will present their experiences and opinions about the process of understanding and embodying failure in artistic interventions. They will also show diverse archival material.

Free entry.

Organisation: Kino Šiška and NDA Slovenija

The project is part of the Performance Situation Room program line under the Life Long Burning project and by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.