Urška Boljkovac: Reflection of the Body, exhibition

Kino Šiška, upper foyer
Exhibition until 15th of December 2023

Urška Boljkovac is a photographer and documentarist who is highly valued in the performing arts by colleagues in NGOs and public cultural institutions because her photography of events is indispensable and in a contradictory way documents our work in a three-dimensional manner. Urška Boljkovac brings space and physical volume into the pictorial field, even when her photography merely documents the event. As an academic painter, following music, dance, theatre and exhibition events provides her with material for her own artistic photography. The exhibition Reflection of the Body is a visual composition of selected photographs that deviate most significantly from photographic documentarism, using a variety of imaging techniques and paradigms as a starting point for the depiction of the dancing body. The very diverse spectrum of shaping the pictorial field made possible by Urška Boljkovac’s dance body coincides with the CoFestival curatorial team’s aspiration to present a broad spectrum of contemporary dance art at an international contemporary dance festival. The warmth of the colour tones and light, which stands out through the particular choice of contrasts, invites us into its optical tactility.

Free entry!