Thiago Granato and Sylvain Huc: The Lost Pieces (2023)

Wednesday, 29 November 2023 at 9:00 p.m.
Kino Šiška, Katedrala

This is not a street dance duel, but rather a duel between two bodies and a multitude of people, a struggle for the visible and invisible layers of bodies, where dance is merely a vehicle for a degree of sensual intensity that tends to turn time into history and multitudes into communities, a dream factory produced on hard ground.

The Lost Pieces, a dance duet by Thiago Granato and Sylvain Hueco, exposes us to the experience of amnesia and the processes of remembering that do not lead to renewal, through precisely organised movement actions, textures, dynamics and qualities of a relationship. The choreography keeps us constantly on the threshold of something that is right in front of us, yet hidden, lost, forgotten or repressed, even if it gives the impression of obviousness. Choreography sucks in our associations without allowing them to reach the level of the signified: the level of place, actions and identities, all of which remain in their negatives, inaccessible or merely traceable. Without venturing into the theatre, the duet, with its dance apparatus, seems to linger at the null level of the narrative. “The Lost Pieces invites to experience a choreographed space of appearances and disappearances in a world seemingly forgotten by time. Through a ritualistic dramaturgy broken by interruptions, ruptures, and repairs, the bodies activate their sense of togetherness to charge the political and transformative power of attention. With metronomic precision, they shape their relationship with particular dynamics, bodily states, events, and other invisible qualities. The chemistry of this sensitive encounter becomes a peculiar and distinctive landscape.”

Conception, choreography, performance: Sylvain Huc and Thiago Granato
Choreographic assistant: Sandro Amaral
Movement advisor: Mathilde Olivares
External eye: Elena Lecoq
Lighting design: Julien Appert
Music revelation: Matthew Herbert, Remains by Volker Bertelmann (Hauschka)
Sound editing: Bernard Lévéjac
Technical manager: Manfred Armand
Administration: Sophie Lafont
Production: Mélina Ferre
Promotion: Lara Thozet
Communication: Angelica Ardiot

Duration: 55 min
Entry 8/10 EUR

Please note: Stroboscope is used in the performance.

A discussion will follow the performance, moderated by the Systering Collective. The discussion will be held in English.