NDA Croatia Collective: The Emerging Performance (2022)

Tuesday, 28 November 2023 at 8:00 p.m.
Cirkulacija 2, Ajdovščina Underpass

This is not the first time we present this Croatian choreographer, who lives and works in Brussels and Zagreb. In The Emerging Performance, she has put together a collective, an union, a dance question, representing different aspects of dance work. Open dance work as a dream factory produced on hard ground.
Because CoFestival curators also occasionally work in education, we defined contemporary choreography a few years ago for the purposes of a pedagogical tool – with all the caveats that come with that. It is more for orientation, as a tool for clarification, not for any kind of territorialisation of the field. It goes like this: choreography (as an expanded practice) can be an (artistic) function, methodology or practice that deals with the conditions, creation or production of composing, constructing, performing (performance) or perceiving various presences, absences or representations of human bodies and the traces or indications contained in these bodies. Conditions, functions, practices and constructions are the elements of definition that are embodied and addressed by The Emerging Performance, which features women artists, organisers, producers, curators, activists or, as Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld calls them, initiators of contemporary dance work in Croatia. The Emerging Performance is also a piece about contemporary dance in a regional and Croatian dance context. Stage works are not the only examples of dance works produced in our contemporary dance contexts, they are only part of the whole structure of the dance system, which has to function in all its segments in order to be able to produce art. The women’s collective of The Emerging Performance is dismantled in action (praxis), a referential network of elements that condition what constitutes the notion of contemporary dance today. An art production facility. There is something constructivist about the fusion of production, life and art in The Emerging Performance, and it seems that contemporary dance in Croatia is more concerned with these issues than anywhere else.

Choreography and performance: Koraljka Begović, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, Mia Kevo, Larisa Lipovac Navojec, Nives Soldičić, Melita Spahić Bezjak, Irma Unušić
Dramaturgy: Jasmina Založnik
Music: Marin Živković i Hrvoje Jelinčić
Lighting design: Saša Fistrić
Costume design: NDA CRO pod vplivom / Under the influence of Irma Unušić
External collaboration: Tamara Curić
Set and graphic design: Hrvoje Jelinčić
Photos: Fanni Tutek – Hajnal
Production: Nomad Dance Academy Croatia
Artistic direction: Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld

Some scenes in the performance are performed in Croatian. There will be handouts available in English and Slovene language before the performance.

Duration: 50 min
Free entry

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