Rok Vevar: Along the Urban Pathways of the History of Slovenian Contemporary Dance and Theatre (2022)

In recent years, Slovenia has also witnessed a tremendous growth in tours of the capital through the prisms of different communities or cultural-historical highlights, in which visitors learn about the stories hidden behind the walls of buildings and institutions, our past and present, on a two-hour walk.

This year’s guided tour will not be special in this respect, as participants will once again learn about the many architectural landmarks of the city and historical facts related to the development of Ljubljana and Slovenia, along with interesting stories, but on this occasion the focus will be on contemporary dance and theatre.

On this walk we will get to know the venues of the first contemporary dance schools in Ljubljana, the period of its coexistence with ballet; we will try to clarify the causes and consequences of their separation, the venues and struggles of extra-institutional artistic practices, the establishment and development of the alternative and the most significant festivals as well as other gathering places as major pillars of social life. Rok Vevar, the guide, will be reflecting on this tour around Ljubljana through the prism of uncovering an overlooked part of history, highlighting in particular the role of women artists and their unwavering stance when confronted with the numerous obstacles of a masculine-centric world.

Rok Vevar is a theatre scholar, writer, researcher, curator and historian of contemporary dance, who has been a multifaceted presence in the field of contemporary Slovenian performing arts for more than two decades. He is the initiator and founder of numerous festivals and initiatives, as well as the Temporary Slovenian Dance Archive (2011) and, last but not least, the author of the monograph Ksenija, Xenia: Ksenia Hribar’s London Dance Years 1960–1978, in which he focuses on the early period of the artistic career of this dancer and choreographer, who is considered one of the central figures of Slovenian contemporary dance history.

23rd of November at 3:00 p.m., gathering place in front of the Museum of Modern Art
24th of November at 4:00 p.m., gathering place in front of the Museum of Modern Art
guided tour

* In case of rain, the event will be postponed.

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