The voice that the text can’t hear – Adam Kinner

NDA Slovenia in the frame of CoFestival announces an open call for participation in a 5-day free workshop/lab The voice that the text can’t hear with Adam Kinner (CAN/USA).

The voice that the text can’t hear is a guided research practice, open to performers interested in deepening their engagement with voice, text, movement, and the co-mingling of these in a performance situation. Together we will explore ways of giving voice to texts – both found and created – that deepen and extend their meaning. We will discuss techniques for using the body as a kind of counter-text – something with its own communicative and intuitive capacities that run oblique to the text’s. We may also do group activities to open the voice: warming up and strengthening the voice, singing together, and experimenting with bringing space between ourselves and our voices.

I have long been interested in how the voice brings us out of ourselves, gently undoing us. When someone says something remarkably or terribly true, it is often the sound of the voice that I remember most. In 2013 I created I’m Faking It which used the voice as a way of interrogating the performance contract as a limit of authenticity on the stage. The voice that the text can’t hear brings this research into the realm of pure experimentation, between the body and the voice, the text and the breath. We follow the thread of the voice’s sonic materiality and listen to where the voice itself points. The goal is to find new meanings just beyond the reach of language. And to find new movements and performance situations that support such meanings as a practice.

JSKD Studio Cepetka
Plesni studio Moj korak, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dates: Monday, November 21 – Friday, November 25
November 21 – 15h to 18h (Cepetka)
November 22 – 15h to 17h30 (Cepetka)
November 23 – 15h to 18h (Cepetka)
November 24 – 13h to 16h (Moj korak)
November 25 – 16h to 19h (Cepetka)

The workshop/lab is open to professional dancers, choreographers, actors, musicians, and performers, but doesn’t exclude those without stage experience

Participation in the workshop/lab is free of charge

If you have access to any instruments or ‘noise-makers’, please bring them with you! (we will provide some of those materials as well)

Participation in all 5 days is recommended, but not necessary

If you are interested in taking part, please let us know at janajevtovic@gmail.com

Adam Kinner (Washington, D.C., 1984) is an artist living and working in Montreal. Having trained in music, he now makes work on the thresholds of performance, sound and visual arts, collaborating with artists from dance and music. The breadth of his work is wide, spanning from the on-going project The Air Contains Honey (initiated together with Jacob Wren), an ‘orchestra’ which brings together a number of professional and amateur musicians who work to discover their sound as they go, to the recent choreography Suite canadienne, une demonstration, an exhibition and a performance of a restaging of Ludmilla Chiriaeff 1957 ballet, which opens a negotiation between the past and the present contexts. Recent projects include an exhibition at Artexte that wove together national and personal performance histories, sound works, and readings; a performance with 8 saxophonists for the Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides; and the research-performance project MANUAL (with Christopher Willes), a one-on-one performance that delves into the sensory and social life of sounds and printed images, staged covertly in a library za festival OFFTA v Montrealu. He holds undergraduate degrees from McGill University and Concordia University, as well as an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Production and organisation: NDA Slovenia
Coordination and executive production: Jana Jevtović
NDA Slovenia is supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana.

This project is supported by the 2022 GPS/Global Practice Sharing program of Movement Research with funding from the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

In partnership with Javni sklad za kulturne dejavnosti (JSKD).