solo dance performance

Wednesday, 27. 11. 2019

Kino Šiška, Komuna Hall at 7 pm

Young Australian dancer and choreographer James Batchelor who lives and works in Berlin will present himself to our audience for the first time with his work Hyperspace at this year’s edition of CoFestival. His choreographic works were in the recent years selected for the line-ups of the most visible Australian, Asian and European festivals of contemporary dance. Batchelor uses measuring systems of contemporary cosmology in his solo work to achieve the sculptural bending of own body, its environments, spatial positions and different topical views of diversity.

Choreographer, Performer: James Batchelor
Composer and Sound Designer: Morgan Hickinbotham
Producer / Collaborator: Bek Berger
Lighting Design: Beizj studio
Illustration Design: Amber McCartney

“The hyperspace that extends between the human body and the cosmos is a title of a research of measuring methods that are used to measure the secrets of the space. Its choreographic suggestion is composed from the study of the view on the human body from the viewpoint of cosmology, mapping of the space in us and our environment. The internal and external bodily landscapes are segmented in a way that produces a self-critique of the masculine body and its dominance in space exploration. In Hyperspace, the fleshy material of the body bends, stretches and is reconfigured as an alien transmutation, appearing simultaneously colossal and microscopic,” writes James Batchelor in his text about the performance. With this, he offers a key for reading of this sculptural dance solo performance that uses a select movement language to direct our look to the observation of an unusual bodily presence.

Duration: 31 min

Entry: 7/9 EUR – ticket is valid also for the show Glitch

Organisation: Kino Šiška and NDA Slovenija