dance performance

Monday, 25. 11. 2019

Kino Šiška, Katedrala Hall at 7pm

Dance and choreographic duet Darío Barreto Damas and Aleksandar Georgiev plays with Disney herritage in a refined and easy choreographic work Moonlight. We submerge into poetic structures and get lost in them; ordinary ways of perception are being broken down in the fusion of the real with the fantastical. Both creators live and work between Stockholm, Sophia and Skopje, they were selected for Life Long Burning project (Creative Europe) and are definitely a dance and choreographic tandem we will hear a lot about in the future.

Choreography and performance: Aleksandar Georgiev and Darío Bardam (Representatives of Garage Collective)
Dramaturgy: Nina Gojić
Sound Design: Emilian Gatsov – Elb
Printed visuals: Nemanja Trajković
Trailer: Gjorgji Despodov
Photography: Sasho N. Alushevski

Moonlight duet that is constantly warmed up with pop-cultural trash of the modern age by music and light is skilfully appropriating some of the most emblematic points of choreographic minimalism and turns them humorously into fauvistic postcards with (homo)erotic motives without any aesthetic degradations. In Moonlight, a direct group of references and interferences from the history of dance, visual art, music and pop culture is placed on the stage in an extremely refined way. This art congress in the form of a dance duet is entertaining because it stages a wedding between contextual pairs that would otherwise never get married, as they would en up in a divorce settlement right at the very beginning. It seems that Moonlight entertains us exactly by fusing the opposites which is possible only as a form of aesthetic queering. We can really enjoy the show even if we know nothing about this all.

Please note: This performance features nakedness.

Entry: 7/9 EUR – ticket is valid also for show Monday at Nine

Duration: 55 min

Organisation: Kino Šiška and NDA Slovenija

Garage Collective and within it Aleksandar Georgiev and Darío Bardam are CrossRoad Artists, programme line of the project LLB, Creative Europe EU.