Infrastructure and Working Conditions, screening and discussion

The issue of space is very fundamentally linked to movement research, as this is only possible if the conditions for it exist in terms of time, space, temperature and hygiene. In movement research, rehearsal spaces are transformed into studios, working dance spaces that, with their specific materiality, provide the experimental, methodological and analytical parameters that can be used to translate research into results. At the same time, movement research also requires premises in which the results or processes can be shared with a public that is willing to engage with kinetic-dance research with their own gaze. After watching a film about the Tala Dance School in Zagreb, which helped transform the contemporary dance landscape of Zagreb, we will discuss such issues with our guests. We are interested in different examples and dynamics in the infrastructure for performing arts and the ways of managing them – what is physical space and how can it be shaped to meet the needs of a certain way of working and a certain community?

The discussion will be moderated by Tjaša Pureber.

TALA / to-gether, documentary film
Authors: Tamara Curić, Larisa Lipovac Navojec, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld
Directed and Edited by: Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld
Camera: Oliver Imfeld
Camera and Design: Hrvoje Jelinčić
Sound Editing: Predrag Bobić
Photos: Slavica Subotić MacCormick, Maja Kljaić, Tomislav Sporiš, Krunoslav Marinac, Đuro Gavran, archive of the Tala Dance Centre
Production: Tala Dance Centre
Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Foundation Kultura Nova, Life Long Burning (EU Creative Europe Programme), NDA

Organisation: Kino Šiška and NDA Slovenija

Kino Šiška, Komuna Hall ?
Tuesday, 30th November, 2021, at 4:00 p.m.
Free entry

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PHOTO: Urška Boljkovac / archive Kino Šiška