Kino Šiška and Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia are proud to announce the upcoming beginning of the 7th international festival of contemporary dance CoFestival, which will take place at various venues in Ljubljana from 23rd to 29th November. This year’s special focus will be on the Croatian art collective BADco. In addition to the performance Spores, the installation Time Bombs and a discoursive forum on the collective’s work, we will also pay a visit to Zagreb on 17th November to view two of their art pieces there. The most recognizable and internationally renowned performing arts collective in the region is well-known to the Slovenian audience, but their work has never before been presented in such a comprehensive form.

The festival will launch on 23rd November with the performances Opus (Christos Papadopoulos) and Choreoeroticon (Ana Dubljević, Darja Janošević, Marko Milić), alongside the Time Bombs installation and the Nao the Robot (Dejan Srhoj) performance.